Mining & Heavy Equipment Electrical Systems

Custom made mining & heavy equipment electrical systems to suit your requirements.

Our professional team specialise in mining& heavy equipment electrical systems we can recommend to you a number of different system to suit your needs from any of the below topics, please ring or email to discuss for more information.

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  • Remote payload systems for heavy equipment
  • Ground speed systems for water trucks
  • Remote water fill for water trucks
  • Park brake warning systems
  • PLC control systems
  • Grease controller
  • Water truck parts
  • Dozer systems protection systems
  • Heavy plant silent horn systems
  • Idle timers
  • Incline warning
  • Fire controllers
  • Access systems controls for large vehicles
  • Engine protection systems
  • Vehicle protection systems
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Vehicle data collection
  • Lubrication controllers
  • Fatigue warning
  • Rear view camera systems
  • LED fleet numbers
  • Engine over speed control systems
  • High output LED work lights
  • Incline warning controller
  • Fuel cap isolation systems

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